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    I have long been interested in languages and the visions of the world they embody. I am a bilingual poet, translator and professor, raised in Manhattan, living in the small city of San Miguel de Tucumán, one of the poorest regions of northwestern Argentina, for twenty-one years. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa with an MFA in English from the Writers' Workshop and an MFA in Translation in Comparative Literature. I received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. I am a graduate of The Chapin School in New York City. I taught at Pepperdine University, Redlands University, and for the Spanish Department of the University of Iowa. In San Miguel de Tucumán I taught at Colegio Los Cerros and Escuela Normal Juan Bautista Alberdi. For the Fundación Vicente Lucci I taught indigent sugarcane  workers how to read and write in a workshop I created called A los cuatro vientos/ To the Four Winds where autobiographies were written and shared with families of the adult students.

   I translated the poetry of Chilean Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral into English as her MFA thesis Gabriela Mistral: Voice of Fire and Cradle. I published my Mistral translations in Exchanges and Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art in the New World. I translated into English the poetry of Argentine Olga Orozco and Pablo Neruda. My translations of seventeen long poems of Argentine Néstor Groppa formed part of Seven Poets of the Northwest: Portrait of a Land for the University of Iowa’s Comparative Literature Department as a doctoral candidate. I translated the lives of sixty women from 1000 Peacewomen Across the Globe for the Swiss Foundation 1000 Peacewomen For the Nobel Peace Prize 2005. I translated twenty three poems by Marvin Bell into Spanish for a translation collaboration called Deluge/Diluvio to be published in Argentina. I participated in 2004, 2009 and 2010 as a bilingual writer in the Buenos Aires international Book Fair invited by the American Embassy. I translate all of my work. Cielo. Cielo. Cielo., The Grace Poems/Poemas de la gracia and Amaicha: Language Lost and Found are three bilingual editions I translated for publication by Ediciones Magna in Argentina. I turned to nonfiction to write about life in a third world country with The Light of Argentina: a Philosophy Diary Conversations with Hannah ArendtTowards a North of Souls/Hacia un norte de almas, and Look, Mamá, There Goes God!, interviews of contemplative and active orders of Argentine nuns.

   My poetry received numerous awards including New Letters Literary Awards judged by poet Charles Simic, World of Poetry Golden Poet Award, California Writers’ Roundtable Women’s Chapter of the National Book Association, Literature and Belief Literary Contest at Brigham Young University, Finalist in the Beacon Press New Women Poets for a first manuscript sponsored by Barnard College, Finalist in the Blue Stem Award for first manuscript. My essay “Three Thresholds: Journey to Sumay Pacha” was Finalist in the 2014 Arts & Letters Journal Non Fiction Prize judged by Brett Lott. I have studied, French, Italian, German, Ancient Greek. I am the mother of five children, a cocker spaniel and a daschund.


Newton Rios

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